Too much of a good thing?

I started my day with a Turkish breakfast so massive I couldn’t finish it. I also couldn’t just save it for leftovers. But I can show pretty pictures and whet your appetite. If I can’t finish it, you can consume it with your eyes.

I had to remind myself not to gorge on local bread, almost a meal to itself in its density, and four skewers of cheese. Two of these has dried apricots between the cheese; sadly, the others had cherry tomato halves. I haven’t figured out why some people think those are edible raw.

Next came the Menemen, a terrific dish of scrambled eggs, peppers, and cooked tomatoes. Altogether, that was divine. 

While I tucked into that feast, they brought me a platter with Sujuk; cheese borek; cucumber; olives; honeycomb; and yoghurt, among others. I simply couldn’t finish it all, but I have to say, I tried to put a dent in everything, nonetheless.