Occam’s dinner

After such a decadent Dinner last night and breaking my fast in such gluttonous fashion this morning, I wanted my dinner to stand out for its simplicity (call it my self-imposed austerity measures), but I wanted to enjoy it.

I hit the jackpot with a tiny little cafe on the western side of Taksim Square called Ozurfa’s Kebap. But I was not in the mood for a Kebap, and they had exactly what I craved: pide with Sujuk on it. 

Actually, it wasn’t just with Sujuk — as the server pointed out, I’d ordered a combination pide, which had just cheese on a couple slices; cubes of grilled lamb on a couple, and my beloved Sujuk.

Before they brought the pide, they also brought me some yoghurt with mint and a sauce that shared many of the best ingredients with tabbouleh, but acted more like a salsa Fresca with a bit of heat. 

When I paid my bill, I asked what it was called and the waiter said, “spicy salad.” No, really? Spicy salad? I pressed him, but he stuck with that moniker until I left. 


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